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Humaniti is a major space faring race. Their Planet of origin is a planet called Terra, though around 300,000 years ago a mysterious race called The Ancients transplanted Humaniti on several planets throughout the galaxy for unknown reasons.

There are 3 major races of Humaniti, the Solomani (Humans from Terra), Vlani (Humans from Vland), and the Zhodani (Humans from Zhodane). Though all 3 races have diverging histories separated by 300,000 years, all the races of Humaniti have the same physical characteristics and genetics, though modern science can distinguish between them. A typical human adult stands 1.75 to 2m in height, and has a wide variety of skin color ranging from pale pink to dark brown.

The worlds of Humaniti are split into two separate interstellar empires, the Imperium also called the 3rd Imperium, and the Medusa Web. After the fall of the 2nd Imperium, Humaniti experienced The Long Night, an Interregnum lasting nearly 500 years. During that time, the Human worlds along the border with the Soroshe Empire banded together for mutual protection from Soroshe raids. The first worlds to unite were centered around the Medusa Nebula, which gave this coalition of planets their name, The Medusa Web. With the successful defense of their planets, the Medusa Web grew, as other planets petitioned for membership in the Web.

While the rest of the planets of Humaniti had several would-be emperors attempt to dominate the sphere of Humans, not until Cleon Zhuanastu from the Sylean Federation had anyone managed to succeed. The pacification wars that followed brought the rest of humanity into the Imperium save the Medusa Web, who managed to fend off the advances of the Imperium, having been defending their worlds for hundreds of years from Soroshe aggression. The 3rd Imperium calendar uses Cleon’s assent to the throne of the Sylean Federation as its year 0, thus the present date is 1105.

Mesomoprh: +1Str, -1 Dex, or +1 End, -1 Dex
Typical: NA
Ectomorph: +1Dex, -1End or +1Dex, -1Str


The Soroshe are a major space faring race resembling a human with feathers instead of hair, and small wings under each arm. Soroshe can no longer fly like their distant ancestors, but can glide on planets with Standard or higher atmospheres.

Typical Soroshe adults stand from 1.5 to 1.75m in height, and have a wiry, lithe form. Their completion ranges in color from pale pink to reddish brown.

The Empire of the Soroshe is a Theocracy ruled by six High Clergy worshipping the patron god of the Soroshe, named Goedregon. Goedregon appears as a massive dark cube carved in mystic runes, with a burning eye on the center of each side. Goedregon is said to reside in a dimension of the mind, governed by non-Euclidian geometry. There are six aspects of Goedregon, each corresponding to each of his eyes, Rage, Logic, Greed, Empathy, Hate, and Love. The star empire of the Soroshe is directly core ward of the Sol System.

Mesomoprh: +1Str, -1 Dex
Typical: NA
Ectomorph: +1Dex, -1End


The Velketh are a major space faring race that resembles a cross between a human and an ophidian. Their skin is covered in a fine layer of light blue scales which gives them the natural equivalent protection of Jack armor.

The typical adult Vekthian will reach a length of nearly 6 meters, but their physiology only allows them to be 2 meters in height when fully erect.

The Velketh Empire is Matriarchal society ruled by a Matron Mother, named Amatheria. Matron Mother’s are unique among their race, for they go through a mysterious process that makes them immune to aging, and makes their bodies continue to grow throughout their lifetimes. Amatheria is well over 100 feet in length. Their star empire is forward of the Sol system on the galactic spiral, and slightly core ward.

Mesomorph: +1End, -1Dex
Typical: NA
Ectomorph: +1Dex, -1End


The Vodanoi are non-space faring race that appear similar in structure to humans. They are gaunt and wiry with a mottled yellow skin, and have two slits for nostrils and long pointed ears.

A typical adult Vodanoi stands 1.25 to 1.5m in height. They are quick and graceful in their movements, affording them a +1 to initial Dexterity, but penalizes them a -1 to Endurance. Vodanoi are fond of moving around unnoticed which gives them a natural +1 bonus to Surprise and Escape.

The Vodanoi race hails from the planet Siuan in the Rand Sub-Sector the Eastmark Reaches, a thin atmosphere planet covered by 90% water. Their society is currently at the tech level of 3, equating to the Renaissance period of Terra. The planet is covered in small volcanic islands with no sole planetary government, but a series of city-states.

While Siuan was under the protectorate of the The Imperium, the planet hosted a level C star port, which was destroyed when the Soroshe captured the planet 9 cycles ago in their push towards the planet Rand. The Soroshe have yet to rebuild the star port but because of the abundance of precious gems found on Siuan, there is a constant influx of merchant traffic.

In the Vodanoi culture at some point in an adult’s life, they must travel upon a Naming Quest to learn their true-name. If they fail to learn their true name before they die, they are said to be cursed to an after-life as a restless spirit. This often takes the Vodanoi beyond their home planet, purchasing transport upon merchant vessels.

Because of the low tech-level of their planet, Vodanoi are limited in which profession they may choose. Starting Vodanoi characters may not choose Navy, Marines, Scout, Pirate, Belter, Flyer, or Scientist.

Non-Player Races


The Dralasite are a major space faring race who took a curious path during their evolution; rather than evolving from single-celled organisms into amphibious reptiles and other advanced creatures, the Dralasite maintained its simple body structure. These short, blob-like humanoid creatures stand about 1.3 meters tall and average one meter wide.
The extemal membrane that serves as their skin is dry and has the texture of fine sandpaper. This membrane ranges from dull gray to earth tones. Dralasites have no internal skeleton; they maintain their shape through an intricate system of muscles. This enhanced muscular system gives dralasites strength superior to that of most humans.
The internal organs of a Dralasite float freely within its body in a thick organic liquid. These include numerous hearts and a central nerve bundle that functions as the brain. Dralasites do not have eyes as most creatures do but "see" through an elaborate conglomeration of optical nerves called "eyespots." These eyespots collect into two dense patches on what is commonly considered the dralasite's head.

Dralasites have no lungs but breathe by diffusion of oxygen across the skin membrane. Not only do they breathe through the skin but also they acquire their sense of smell this way. With their entire body capable of processing odors, the olfactory ability is the keenest sense of a Dralasite. It is so refined that dralasites can often recognize people and places by scent alone. Breathing through the skin does not hinder the dralasites' ability to swim underwater Absorbing air is a conscious act, and they can simply choose to "hold their breath" at any time. With no lungs dralasites produce speech by expelling air past a voice box from a contracting bellows-type organ.
The Empire of the Dralasite is a curious construct. While individual Dralasites have individualistic personas, they are also members of, for lack of a better term, a Hive Mind. All Dralasites have a rudimentary psionic link to all others, bordering on Empathy. There is an entity upon their home world the Dralasites call The One. No one other than Dralasites have ever met The One, so this entity remains a mystery, yet it has been inferred by discussions with the Dralasites, that The One is the anchor, or crux of their psionic link, and their de facto leader.


The Sather are a minor space-faring race who had colonized their own solar system, but had yet to discover interstellar travel when they were contacted by the Soroshe. The segmented, worm-like body of the Sathar averages about 3.5 meters in length. A majority of the length rests on the ground, allowing it to slither like a snake, while keeping the front 1.5 meters of its body vertical. Sathar have distinct heads with one eye on either side and a round, tooth-filled mouth similar to a lamprey. The milky eyes of a Sathar each have two pupils that provide a much larger field of vision than most creatures enjoy.
Four tentacles serve as appendages for a Sathar. Two one-meter-long tentacles on its upper body function as arms. At the end of each of these limbs are four smaller tentacles that play the role of fingers. Two additional tentacles sprout from the lower part of the Sathar's body to serve as legs. These legs have larger, flattened pads for feet. These legs are not normally used for locomotion, since Sathar movement consists of a slither, but rather help to stabilize the top part of the creature while standing upright. The brownish-yellow skin of a Sathar is covered with a thin layer of mucus that keeps the skin moist and protects it while slithering.
The Sather homeworld, Gul’Kratog is a fully integrated protectorate of the Soroshe Empire, allowing them self rule, as long as they pay their taxes. Sather history is a bloody story of extermination of another sentient race who shared their world, to centuries of clan warfare until a single clan managed to become strong enough to absorb all other clans. This history forged the Sather into a militaristic race who are highly sought after for bodyguards and shock troops. This has created a unionized mercenary culture on Gul’Kratog, creating highly trained forces, which are also highly priced.


The Vrusk are a minor space-faring race who were first contacted by the Velketh when the Vrusk society was around TL 8. These insectoid lifeforms stand on eight spindly legs protruding from a 1.5-meter-long abdomen. A Vrusk's torso, or thorax, extends upright from their abdomen. Two arms supporting five-fingered hands are attached to the thorax, with one on each side. These double jointed arms can reach any point on the Vrusk's body and can even rotate in a complete circle.
The bulbous head of a Vrusk is entirely insectlike, complete with two antennae which function as olfactory organs, large multifaceted eyes, and four mandibles around its mouth.
A hard, chitinous exoskeleton covers the Vrusk body. This exoskeleton protects a Vrusk as would Mesh Armor. Every few years during adulthood, and much more frequently in youth, Vrusk molt to gain a new carapace. Vrusk also have an internal skeletal system made of calcium phosphate to support their large frame.
Vrusk society developed into structured organizations early in their history. As early as TL 2 on their homeworld of K'arek-Kar, capitalism was nearly universal. Corporations had already begun to shape society, and sovereign power had given way to business elected democracies. These Megacorps continued to grow in size and power until the Vrusk Industrial Age and the time of the Corporate Wars. This conflict stemmed from heavy contention between the Megacorps as each tried to drive competitors out of business. Hostilities continued to mount until violent confrontations and corporate espionage became commonplace. When it became apparent that their society was about to tear itself apart, the Vrusk sensibly backed off and went through a paradigm shift in how they viewed corporate competition. Rather than trying to drive all other competitive organizations out of business, many Megacorps simply became specialized in what they did best, relying on other Megacorps to supply them with the additional services they needed. Other Megacorps narrowed their focus to a few products and services but became completely self sufficient. Biologically related families became less important as the corporations became the "family" of their employees.

Today, Vrusk Megacorps have offices throughout the Velketh Empire, though it is unknown how much of the Velketh empire is actually owned by the Vrusk’s mercantile society.

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